Diact – Glucose Management Decision Support

Diact is a solution that consists of a cloud platform with a web-based tool where patients' individual data are analyzed for an optimal dosage of insulin. The analysis is offered to the physician via the Diact portal. The service is CE marked as a medical device.

Smarter insulin dosing

Support for clinicians

The system can be a great support to healthcare professionals, acting as a second opinion in assessing the home-monitored data, providing key insights into suitable therapy adjustments and allowing for easy overview and more efficient monitoring of the patient cohort.

Reduced risks for the patient

With the right decisions in the right time, unexpected fluctuations in glucose levels can be minimized. This translates to reduced anxiety and lower risk of short- and long-term complications. The greatest benefit to the individual – a freer and healthier life with improved quality of life!

Dianovator aims at being the top choice for evidence-based decision support in our domain.

The summary view gathers the patients data in a manner well suited to provide guidance to the care team – even when assessment time is limited. Problem areas are found immediately!

Beta test (Skåne University Hospital)


Diact Pro serves as a digital ‘second opinion’ to the treating physician or diabetes nurse, where the data-driven insights leverage their clinical experience.

Meal analysis and bolus optimization

The tool presents in-depth analysis of the postprandial response and as well as improvements of the meal doses and dose type to increase postprandial time in range. For patient using carbohydrate counting and bolus guides, suggestions on adjustments to the correction factor and carbohydrate-to-insulin ratio are also provided, see improved therapy settings below.

Improved Therapy Settings

Today many patients use bolus guides to determine correction and meal bolus doses with predefined correction factor and insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio. These factors are often determined using the so-called 100 (1800 for mg/dl) or 500 rules. However, research indicates that these generic rules of thumb often produces poor settings for the individual patient. Instead, Diact Pro determines these factors from the data and provides specific recommendations for these factors for each different meal type (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Another important setting to consider is the insulin action duration, which is used to determine the amount of insulin-on-board. A too short or too long insulin action duration setting may have severe implications for the possibility to attain a sound glucose control, with e.g. unanticipated hypoglycaemia.hypoglycemia. Diact Pro makes individualized estimates of this important factor, which may allow for a better matching between expected IOB and true outcome.

Pattern Detection

Apart from presenting the ambulatory glucose profile (AGP), Diact Pro finds the underlying patterns in the glucose data. This may be used as a powerful tool to address poor patterns and pave the way for constructive discussions about therapy corrections.

Printable summary report

All analysis results and approved recommendations are summarized in a printable report.

The meal dose calculations are individualized and give a valuable basis for discussions with the patient.

Beta test (Skåne University Hospital)