The Global Diabetes Challenge

There are 425 Million persons with diabetes in the world today. According to the Swedish National Diabetes Registry less than half of the patients achieve the glycemic target (, and this implies increased risk of developing long-term complications. The cost for diabetes treatments totals to 12% of world healthcare expenditure.

Dosing decisions

Living with diabetes means taking several treatment decisions daily.

How much insulin to administer for this meal?
Is it safe for me to go to be bed or do I risk going low while sleeping?
I’m running high, how much insulin should I use to adjust?

Based on the glucose readings to assess the current status, these decisions are taken based on rules-of-thumb, personal experience and recommendations from the diabetes care team. As the statistics indicate, most people with insulin-treated have a difficult time making these decisions.

Our patient-specific decision support system for improved glycemic control makes life easier for, and empowers, patients with insulin-treated diabetes.

The pattern detection makes it easier to find relationships than to go through each day dataset by hand.

Beta test (Skåne University Hospital)