Fredrik Ståhl, founder of Dianovator

“I was diagnosed with T1DM in 2002 at the end of my engineering studies. I soon discovered the difficult art of insulin management. Coming from an engineering background, I realized that the tools I had studied and used as an engineer, could possibly be used to describe and analyze the glucose metabolism for deciding a better matched insulin dose to avoid excessive hypo- and hyperglycemia and for reducing the glucose variability. I decided to try this on my own data in my master thesis with interesting results.

Later, I defended my PhD thesis on optimization of insulin management using smart mathematical algorithms to aid in the decision-making. This patent-pending technology formed the foundation for DIANOVATOR. Now, I’ve joined forces with like-minded partners and hope to contribute to making life with diabetes easier to manage, with fewer hypos, better time-in-range and just an overall improved quality of life with less anxiety about glucose levels and dosing decisions.”

The pattern detection makes it easier to find relationships than to go through each day dataset by hand.

Beta test (Skåne University Hospital)