Improving Insulin Dosing
Improving Quality of Life

Personalized Diabetes Management System

Our patient-specific decision support system for improved glycemic control makes life easier for, and empowers, patients with insulin-treated diabetes. Many of these experience difficulties optimizing their therapy, resulting in reduced quality of life and a shorter life expectancy. Our product can help them by real-time support in the daily decision-making and by providing analytic support to the diabetes care team. In the end, this translates into reduced anxiety and lowered risk of short- and long-term complications, and lower healthcare costs and more efficient and cost-effective clinical work processes for the payer. We build our success on research and the user perspective gained from personal experience with glucose management, and aim at being the top choice for evidence-based decision support in our domain.


2018-02-14--17 Dianovator presents at ATTD 2018 International Fair of New Technologies in Diabetes as a ATTD Start-up Grant Winner.

2018-04-04 Dianovator is awarded the Seal of Excellence by the EU Commission.

2018-07-12 Dianovator wins EIT Health Headstart 2018 funding.

2018-09-18 Dianovator pitches at HealthTech 2018.

2018-09-25 Dianovator presents at TechBBQ2018.

2018-11-10 Dianovator presents at Världsdiabetesdagen 2018.

2019-02-21--23 Dianovator presents at ATTD 2019. 

The Challenge

Diabetes is a constantly growing global epidemic. According to recent estimates, 387 million people worldwide are affected by the disease with a prevalence rate  of 8.3%, and 46.3% still remains undiagnosed. By 2035, 205 million additional individuals will suffer from diabetes. Approx. 90 % of all diabetes patients have type 2 diabetes. 5-10% of the diabetic population have type 1 diabetes and require intensive insulin treatment, and more than half of those with type 2 diabetes also require insulin, six to ten years post diagnosis. In general, these people have poor glycaemic control, mainly related to difficulties in optimizing the insulin doses. Poor glucose control affects multiple organs and tissues and may results in severe complications, e.g., cardiovascular diseases, renal failure or nerve damage, and is a strong driving factor behind increasing healthcare costs. Globally, it was estimated that diabetes accounted for 12% of health expenditures, or at least USD 850 billion in 2017 - a figure expected to hit USD 960 billion by 2045.

The Product

At the core of our product are our self-learning and adaptive models. Based on research, these machine learning algorithms can predict the glucose level and provide context-driven decision support for improved glycemic control in real-time and in-depth analytics for offline analysis.

Together with our partners, we offer patients using both insulin pumps and pens, a platform for improved insulin bolus management in an Android app. For activities that affect the blood glucose, interactive advices of appropriate adjustments of the insulin treatment are given in order to maintain as stable and normal blood glucose as possible. Our personalized algorithms constantly monitor the glucose development, and at the risk of dangerously low or high values, the user is prompted in advance, assuring that corrective action can be undertaken in time.

Our web portal, oriented towards the clinical profession, provides reports of longitudinal analysis which facilitate for the doctor or nurse to, e.g., monitor their patients’ health status, assess the therapeutic efficacy, identify patterns and anomalies in the glucose profiles and to get personalised estimates of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of different insulins.

The Team

Our algorithms and concept stem from a personal desire for better tools for glycemic control, and academic research conducted to make this a reality. In 2002, Fredrik Ståhl was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In 2015, he defended his PhD on algorithms for glucose management, and in 2017, he joined forces with a visionary team to form DIANOVATOR.

Fredrik Ståhl

Founder, partner and inventor of core algorithms. Fredrik was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2002. Holds a PhD in automatic control from Lund University, and has background in medical analytics as a former team leader of the development team at Lytics Health. During his PhD studies, Fredrik was the assistant project node leader in the EU FP7 project DIAdvisor, which was the scientific precursor to this business.

Johan Henckel

Member of the Board
Background in the medical device industry and more than 15 years of international experience in software development. Currently CEO for a Swedish IT company IT Gården dealing with outsourcing, hosting and cloud solutions.

Lennart Gustafson

Independent Chairman of the Board
Lennart´s experience includes 30 years from the computer industry in leading positions, both from large corporations and as an entrepreneur. This was followed by 15 years within venture capital as Investment Manager. Currently he is the working Chairman of Hobbit AB and a board-member of Zaplox AB (publ.)

Lennart Olsson

Member of the Board
Mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, consultant, inventor with more than 50 patent applications. Founder of and initiator to several high tech operations, like first Scandinavian complete compact disc factory, nano-tech company, Obducat AB, world leading company for QC of optical storage media, Audiodev AB, co-founder Serstech AB and others. Five operations founded or co-founded listed and publically traded. Past President, Rotarian since 2000.

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